TRG111 conversions

 Two type of TRG111 conversion sets are available

  TRG111 "FULL" conversion set(code:TRG111)

   First of all, TRG111 conversion set is not a complete kit , it is a
   conversion set for Tamiya F103 and F104 kit so some parts are
   needed to take from the Tamiya F103 or/and F104 kit to complete
   TRG111 .
   Almost 90% components are used TRG original parts, in addition
   most of TRG and Tamiya parts are compatible
   Not include: Ball bearing, steering linkages, servo saver, rear axle,
   differential unit, gears(spur and pinion), body, tire, wheel, front and
   rear wing, radio equipments, motor and others.

  TRG111 "UPDATE" conversion set (code:TRG111Z)

   This update conversion set is for TRG109(previous model) so new
   TRG111 parts are included only.



TRG111 features

 Adjustable front link suspension

  Fully adjustable for camber and caster angle
  Having the best front tire grip related with better weight balance
  Simple design with W-ball kingpin, turn-buckle upper arm
  Light weight and easy maintenance

 Long wheel base

  TRG109&Tamiya F103:260mm(steering block trail 0mm inline)
  TRG111:270mm (+10mm/steering block trail 0mm inline)
  Longer wheel base make the car more stable thus more setup
  possibility to be more aggressive.
  Better balance for the center of gravity makes the car stable and
  constant grip for front tire.
  It is also possible to change to shorter wheel base(260mm) simply
  by switching a carbon lower brace and motor mount plate from
  previous TRG109 for technical track

 Inline battery mount position

  Reduce the roll movement
  Controllable for pitching motion
  Improve the drivability at high speed

  Separate 6 or 5 cells battery plate

 Dual rear roll damper

  Link system make the shock function more accurate and precise
  Friction tube damper can easily and quickly adjust the setup

Movie of Dual rear roll damper

 Long side link bar

  More controllable and easy to drive
  Suitable for all type of tracks

  Thicker long link bar
  Short link bar for quick response

 Low pivot 3 ball suspension

  Improve the rear tire grip
  Both sides and center are using ball pivot system

  High pivot part

 Adjustable front steering block

  High precision and durability steel steering block integrated with
  carbon arm
  Trail can be changed 0 (inline) or 3.6mm offset

  1.2 or 2.4mm offset

 Team PRIME pitching damper

  Compact and light weight design
  Easy setup adjusts and constant performances
  Oiled shock with rubber cap in aluminum damper case
  This comes with as standard in this set thanks to the cooperation with
  Team PRIME                               

 QTEC rear left wheel adapter

  Innovative taper screw clamp system, centralized accuracy
  Durable and light weight by 7075 T6 Aluminum body and titanium screw  

  Securely fastened without damages specially on carbon axle.
  This comes with as standard in this set thanks to the cooperation with  



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