New concept -TRG114 conversion

Next generalation of the Formula1

TRG114 was newly developed based on narrow design at high competitive level

with our dedication and passion for ideal F1

Narrow design of the chassis allow to fit many type of body in the market

Newly developed dual steering arm system

Internal spring for roll tube shock performs even better steering responce

Updated front suspention arm for better steering charactaristic

Most of the carbon parts are updated specially for TRG114 concept and design

New 2.4mm main chassis

New black side bar improves rear traction and better durability

Wide(200mm width) or narrow(180mm width) version are available for market demands.

Kit type Narrow and LCG chassis Rear suspension Battery layout
Roll shock Steering system Front suspension Upper plate
Rear  lower brace Steering block Motor mount Pitching shock absorver

Two type of TRG114 conversion sets are available

Now on sale !!



TRG114 conversion set WIDE
200mm width

Based on Tamiya F103 dimentions

* TRG114W   \ 38,000. (excluding tax)

TRG114 conversion set NARROW
180mm width

Based on Tamiya F104 dimentions

* TRG114N   \ 38,000. (excluding tax)

First of all, TRG114 conversion set is not a complete kit, it is a conversion set
for Tamiya F103 or/and F104 kit so some parts are
needed to take from the Tamiya F103 or/and F104 kit to complete TRG114.

Almost 90% components are used TRG original parts,
in addition most of TRG and Tamiya parts are compatible.

Not include: Ball bearing, steering linkages, servo saver, rear axle,
differential unit, gears(spur and pinion), body, tire, wheel, front
and rear wing, radio equipments, motor and others.

Wide and Narrow differencies
Simply TRG114 can covert the car width wide(200mm) or narrow(180mm).
Front:only the front lower arm and upper turnbuckle are needed to be changed
Rear:F103 rear wheel(45mm width) for 200mm car width
    F104 rear wheel(35mm width) for 180mm car width

Includes: Not include:

  ・Carbon chassis 2.4mm
  ・Carbon rear lower brace 2.4mm
  ・FRP side bar 65pitch soft 1.2mm
  ・Carbon upper plate 2.0mm
  ・Carbon front suspension arm 3.0mm  *
  ・Double wiper arm steering system
  ・64 titanium front upper arm (turnbuckle)  *
  ・Carbon front strat plate 3mm
  ・W-ball kingpin
  ・Adjustable steering block
  ・64 titanium turnbuckles steering linkage  *
  ・Friction tube shock
  ・Alum. motor mount 7075T6
  ・Carbon front motor mount plate 3.0mm
  ・Carbon rear motor mount plate 3.0mm
  ・Ride height adapter(8 pairs)
  ・Team PRIME pitching shock

    *It is an exclusive and "N", "W" is part of the mark.

  ・Kingpin springs and C(E)-ring
  ・Servo saver horn
     *Tamiya High Torque Servo Saver recommended
     Kimbrough M type, XRAY 372503 can also be used
  ・Rear axle parts
  ・Differential unit
  ・Gears(spur and pinion)
  ・Ball bearings
  ・Front and rear wheels (Tamiya type)
  ・Wheel nut
  ・Front and rear tire (Tamiya type)
  ・Front and rear wing  (Tamiya type)
  ・Body mount
  ・Radio equipments
  ・Motor and battery

       Necessary parts details bet * ishere

*Screw that comes with the kit is a Purasubisu except for the part.
*All specs are subject to change without prior notice.
*Prototype is shown on images, productional specs may vary.


Narrow and LCG(low center of gravity) chassis

Super narrow chassis

Low center of gravity

Super narrow chassis

Main priority of designing the narrow chassis is improving the drivability of the car
by having the short Lipo battery and inline layout of the equipments
(battery, ESC, reciever) to be mounted on the center as much as possible.
Thanks to the narrow chassis(79mm width), smoother roll action and more conering speed
are acheived than ever as well as reduce the risk of contact to the surface of the track.
In addition, narrow design of the chassis allow to fit many type of body in the market.

LCG possibility

Upper plate can be lowered 5mm with using short Lipo/19mm height battery
which make even more LCG and improve the potencial of the car.
Short Lipo/25mm height battery also can be mounted.

High pivot position and FRP side bar rear suspention

1.2t Black FRP products sidebar

High type rear pivot

Importance of mechanical grip

F1 chassis requires more mechanical grip due to less downforce from the body compare
to other category so the potencial of the car influnces the performance directly.
TRG112 was seriously considered to design for maximum mechanical grip.

Benefit of side bar

Heritagelly develped since TRG109, 111,112 and TRG114,
new USA black FRP side bar system makes the F1 chassis to have ideal mechanical grip and traction.
Simply can change the charactoristic of the side bar functionaly by different way of connecting and O-ring.
Additionally, different type of side bar(thickness, material) can be used to suit for any kind of conditions.
Specially designed for TRG114, 65mm pitch side bar can mount not only paralel laout
but also active angle link position.

The side bar from TRG109(80mm),TRG111(88mm) and TRG112 can be used on TRG114.
The side bar from TRG114(65mm) can not be used on both TRG109 and TRG111.

Pivot position

The combination of narrow chassis and high pivot position make the potencial limit much higher than ever
resulting the traction contorol much easier for the driver as well as more benefit by driving.

Low pivot position performs better on very low grip condition.
TRG114 allow to adapt low pivot position easily as option.


Equipped with battery variation

Short Lipo 19mm thickness
Short Lipo (Life) 26mm thick
Long Lipo (Life) 26mm thick

"Shortstop Lipo" which is most suitable for next-generation F1

The battery is very important in designing the F1 chassis.
TRG stimulated the development of the chassis for exclusive use of short Lipo as the pitcher
and the catcher for next-generation F1 quickly.
Length of short Lipo has difficult that piling it up takes chassis balance,
and there was a limit in the conventional suspension system.
A chassis with the superior suspension is a union card to draw a merit of the short Lipo length heaping up.
TRG114 evolved which I succeeded from TRG109,111,112 which I piled it up,
and drew a merit of the battery long.
The suspension that I made use of a characteristic of short Lipo in realizes quick pitching
and the control of the roll, I realized speed and driveability in a high dimension.


Short Lipo/19mm and 25mm height, 1 cell Lipo, conventional 2cell Lipo/2cell LiFe battery cab be used
It can be lowered by 5mm over from an upper plate with short Lipo/19mm
which have a huge advantage of performance.

With Conventional 2cell Lipo or 2cell LiFe, a receiver or the ESC can be mount on both sides with radio plate.
The radio plate can be adjusted back and forth.

Mechanical mounting example

New Dual rear roll shock

Dual rear roll shock

The friction tube type shock allow fine tuning and setups simply
by applying the different type(viscosity) of the grease (oil).

Newly designed dual roll shock piston performs more precise and flexible
with both ends O-ring for less leaking.

New roll spring are added for better roll control aggressively and can be
adjusted the clearance by turning the shock case easily.

* Included roll spring is soft type.
* Hard type roll spring will be an option.

Dual rear roll shock makes the car stable at any condition of cornering,
rolling and pitching movement effectively.

Precise roll controls and effects are principle and required to influence
the better performance specially for narrow designed chassis.
Ball guide system meets these demands and redesigned positions
of components achieve even better effects and accurate functions.

Roll control for built-in spring

Split type piston

Equipped with O-ring
on the piston both ends

Dual roie damper video

Dual steering arm system

DW steering system

Low profile servo only

Steering linkage ideal

Dual steering arm system

For the direct steering linkage from a conventional direct servo say bar,
An ideal steering linkage having few by Ackerman change is possible.

It becomes obedient, and drivenness in this way improves
the steering properties without one of a habit.

* It is going to release it as a unit available
for of Tamiya F103 origin and ,TRF101 father of F104 origin.

Other servo mount methods

In TRG114, a servo mount for TRG112 is available other than standard low pro servo stacking.

Servo mount for TRG112(TRG5112)


Adjustable front link suspension

Wide type (200mm)

New lower suspension end

W ball kingpin

Adjustable front link suspension

Fully adjustable for camber and caster angle.
Having the best front tire grip related with better weight balance.
Simple design with W-ball kingpin, turn-buckle upper arm.
Light weight and easy maintenance.

Supention arm bush

New front low suspensiton arm is added with new bush which make the car for better steering response.

Proper use of the F103 normal type front suspension

Use with F103 standard type front suspention
Tamiya F103(F104W) standard front suspention can be mount onto TRG114 chassis.
The situation () that should  contrary to the above
When the choice of the front tire is limited by regulation, F103 standard suspention
may have a good result by making not let a front tire so much work.


One-piece upper plate and the lower rear brace

New one-piece upper plate

New Rear Lower Brace

One-piece upper plate

2.0mm thickness of carbon.
In order to take advantage of the characteristics of the main chassis 2.5mm thick,
is provided with a slit in the front part, it does not interfere with the twist of the main chassis,
characteristics similar to short upper type can be obtained.
Without having to spoil the flexibility of the front, and I balanced to ensure the pitching stiffness.

That unlike TRG112 traditional, which makes it possible to connect in two places of the center,
further, the connection of two places on the front side, in a disconnected
change of broader roll characteristic is now possible.

If installed, the lower the top 5mm from the upper plate can be a short Lipo/19mm.
This will be very advantageous in running characteristics.

* The upper plate of TRG114, it can not be used as is in TRG112.

Rear Lower Brace

2.5mm thick of carbon.
New design while maintaining the rigidity strength, added a shade motor terminal.
In addition, I have established a weight mounting space to the rear end.

* Can be installed as is also TRG112.

Adjuster bulldog steering upright

Standard kit trail 1.2/2.4 (TRG5108)

TRG5105 trail 0 / +3.6 (optional)

Characteristic of the adjuster bulldog steering upright

It is the actual steering upright which was shipped with in TRG111,112.
I am highly precise and am the high-strength steel axle blocking department and light weight,
separate type of the high-stiffness carbon arm part.
The thickness of the main body of steering upright is 7.5mm.
Because it is offset by a top and bottom course, the axle is equivalent to a narrow path tire.
I can choose a trail 1.2mm and 2.4mm only with this set by reversing top and bottom by an axle block.
I can fix a kingpin with an enamel screw and minimize the gutter of the steering upright circumference.


The type that can choose in-line and a trail 3.6mm is available.
TRG5105 adjuster bulldog upright trail 0/3.6mm
Compatibility with other cars
Use is possible in TRG109, TRG111, F103, F104.


New F1 Motor Mount

 7075T6 made

 Super Lightweight type

Cooling fan can be installed

Hybrid motor mount V2

Innovative Hybrid motor mount V2 come with TRG114 as standard.
Lightweight Aluminum 7075 T6 motor mount left and right together with carbon rear plate for high durability.

Reduction of the spring lower load of the rear suspension and a low center
of gravity improve drivability and performance

Cooling fan for motor can be mounted on left motor mount.

New design 3mm thickness carbon rear plate.
Rear wing height can be changed to 6 positions.

* Previous type pf TRG motor mount also can be mounted.

Redesigned carbon front plate for avoiding the motor terminal and it can be used for TRG112 as well.

8 kinds of ride height adapter (TRG5113) is included

Motor terminal support

 Adjustable carbon end plate

Ride height adapter eight

Team PRIME shock

The best pitching damper on F1

Compact and light weight design.
Easy setup adjustments and constant performances.
Oiled shock with rubber cap in aluminum shock case.
Durable Teflon coating shock case and Titanium coating shock rod performs even smoother and long life.
This comes with as standard in this set thanks to the cooperation with Team PRIME.


Not included parts detail

Ball bearings

Rear axle (φ6xφ10 x 2pcs)
Diff (φ8xφ12 x 3pcs)

Front axle
for F103 wheels (φ5xφ8 x 4pcs orφ5xφ8 flange x 4pcs)
for F104 wheels (φ5xφ10 x 4pcs)

Rear wheel

By using F103 (45mm in width):car 200mm in width (wide) of the rear part.
By using F104 (35mm in width):car 180mm in width (Narrow) of the rear part.

* With the front wheel, the width does not change.
To change the car width of the front, a change of front suspention is necessary.


Phillips driver (large/small)
Hexagon wrench (1.5mm)
Box wrench (5.0/5.5/7.0mm)
and others


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